Silvia Puglisi [Hiro]


Email: hey at sifr dot tech

Twitter: @nopressure


I am a Systems Engineer based in Barcelona, EU.

I am currently working at and I am also part of the Information Security Group in the Department of Telematics Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) where I got my Ph.D. I research topics in the fields of privacy and anonymity of users in online communities and social networks.

My current research interest are focused towards understanding what kind of information are publicly accessible online as result of users activities on social networks. I am also interested in RESTful architecture and application of hypermedia to Privacy and Security.

This website is available under different domains that I have used through the years.

In no particular order:

All redirect to:

You can read sifr as you would read cipher. In fact in the word "cipher" in the middle age meant "zero" and originated through French and Italian from the pre-islamic term sifr = zero - in Arabic صفر (see Zero Etymology).

You can reache me @: hey at

PGP/GPG public key available: 767BB67C

You can also find me on jabber and irc:

Here are the accounts with their OTR fingerprints:

[email protected] IRC

CA4F992C 56C1A912 5EF06865 6F4026C0 2CC052CE

5653525A E46F3B32 5FCFC110 0B65490D 425928ED

[email protected] Jabber

C6DE1978 28721810 F6FF21CC E91A4B26 2D468808

I like: surfing, swimming, skiing, mountainering and hiking. I have got two dog and two cats. If we were still in the '90s I would have displayed here my geek code.